DivIn Pro


WHY DivIn Pro

DivIn Pro is an impact-driven, KPO & BPO company, dedicated to serving goodness.
We are committed to forging stronger relationships and driving sustainable growth for our partners. With our exceptional all-women team that carefully crafts conversations and integrates technology, we empower businesses to connect with their audience on a deeper level and achieve unparalleled success in sustainable ways.


To be a globally respected organization in our chosen businesses by 2040


To be a responsible value creator for our clients, community, and collaborators ... through the quality services that are being created and served by our diverse and Inclusive pool of dedicated employees.


Integrity: We value honesty and transparency in our conduct as they ... are the cornerstones of trust, accountability, and meaningful relationships.
Diversity and Inclusion: We value diversity of human potential thus we focus on including a diverse workforce in our inclusive and compassionate organization.
We hire people from marginalised sects (underprivileged) and single women.
Excellence: We value promoting meritocracy and shall progressively raise the bar for ourselves.
Sustainability: We value sustainability as we believe what we give comes back to us and thus giving good becomes a mandate.
Collaboration: We will invest in our people and partners, enable continuous learning, and build caring and collaborative relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


Our company provides high-quality KPO and BPO services to cater to the diverse needs of our valued clients. With a dedicated focus on delivering excellence, we assist our prestigious clients in optimizing their knowledge-based and operational processes, enabling them to achieve greater efficiency and success in their business endeavors.

Corporates & Businesses
  1. Gender Equity & Inclusion
  2. Social Responsibility and Social Impact creation
  3. Customer care, market research, and employee engagement

Our team is dedicated to helping businesses foster an inclusive and diverse environment that values every individual. We also specialize in customer care and contact centers, ensuring exceptional service and support for your valued customers. Our expertise extends to conducting tele and online ... surveys, enabling you to gather valuable insights from your target audience efficiently. Additionally, we offer employee surveys and other studies to assess and enhance the satisfaction, engagement, and well-being of your workforce.

  1. Baseline Survey on-field / on-telephone
  2. Project Implementation
  3. Impact Assessments
  4. Helplines

We cater to NGOs by providing a wide range of services. Our offerings include conducting baseline surveys both on-field and on-telephone to gather essential data for informed decision-making. With our expertise in project implementation, we ensure seamless execution of initiatives, maximizing their impact. We also specialize in conducting... thorough impact assessments to measure the effectiveness and outcomes of projects. Furthermore, our helplines offer support and assistance to NGOs and their beneficiaries, providing a reliable resource for guidance and information.

Government Offices
  1. Helplines/contact centres
  2. Scheme-based Project Management
  3. Consulting and Advisory

We are dedicated to serving Government Offices by offering specialized services tailored to their needs. Our helplines and contact centers provide a reliable channel for citizens to seek assistance and information, ensuring effective communication and support. We excel in scheme-based project management, providing comprehensive oversight and coordination to ensure the successful ... implementation of government initiatives. Additionally, our consulting and advisory services offer expert guidance and insights, helping government offices make informed decisions and optimize their operations. We are committed to supporting the public sector in achieving its objectives and delivering value to its constituents.